SG Fleet Proud to Achieve Carbon Neutral Status

27 Apr 2023

We are pleased to announce that SG Fleet has gained carbon-neutral status!

Working continuously with the environment in mind, we are delighted to have obtained this accolade which showcases our dedication to reducing emissions, operating in a way that does not harm the planet and supporting communities around the world.

We’ve worked hard to identify our business’s carbon footprint and reduce it to zero through a combination of in-house efficiency measures and supporting external emission reduction projects.

What Does Carbon Neutral Mean?

Carbon neutral is a phrase that’s risen to prominence in recent years, but the meaning can often be lost or confused. The European Parliament defines carbon neutrality as:

“Having a balance between emitting carbon and absorbing carbon from the atmosphere.”

This differs in a subtle but important way from Net Zero, which refers to the amount of greenhouse gases that are removed from the atmosphere being equal to those emitted by human activity. Carbon Neutral includes efforts to offset carbon emissions with carbon sinks such as forests oceans which store more carbon from the atmosphere than they emit. This is an area that businesses such as ours can invest to offset their carbon footprint.

Supporting Climate Change Projects

As part of our drive to be carbon neutral, we have partnered with several global causes to help reduce climate change, as well as provide essential equipment and resources to communities in need. We are proud to share more information about them below:

Renewable Energy Portfolio

Greenhouse gases have long been identified as the main driver of climate change.  This is why the top priority in achieving Carbon Neutral status for businesses has to be investing in sustainable and emission-free energy.

The Global Renewable Energy Portfolio helps meet the growing global demand for energy and builds sustainable infrastructure, such as solar panels and wind farms. It’s set the ambitious goal of delivering 1 billion tonnes of emissions reductions by 2030, and we’re proud to be supporting progress towards this vital target.

 Carbon Neutral Wind Turbine

Image SourceRenewable Energy Portfolio, Climate Impact Partners

Funded by carbon-neutral companies, the project aims to build renewable energy sources across the globe to reduce fossil fuel usage and lower the impact of harmful carbon emissions. Further to this, it ensures prices are kept affordable for local users, to reduce the chances of a return to low-cost fossil fuels.

Aqua Clara Water Filters

While water covers 70% of our planet, only 3% of that water is fresh water and an estimated 66% of that is contained in glaciers, rendering it unusable. As a result of this, as well as unsafe water practices, the UN estimates that around 4 billion people will experience severe water scarcity for at least one month of the year. That’s why ensuring that the freshwater we do have access to is drinkable and safe is absolutely crucial.

Based in Kenya, the Aqua Clara water filters project brings affordable water filters to families and schools through community-led microfinance loans. This eliminates the need to boil water before consumption and reduces the chances of people drinking unclean, unsafe water.

Carbon Neutral Water Filter

Image SourceAqua Clara Water Filters, Kenya Climate Impact Partners

As well as providing clean and emission-reducing water facilities needed by local communities, the project also gives promising economic growth potential, educational opportunities and reduces household water-related costs.

Solar Water Heating

The Solar Water Heating Project, based in India, aims to provide affordable, clean, renewable energy sources to heat water for regular use. Not only are these intended to be available to households, but also to small and medium-sized enterprises and institutions.

Carbon Neutral Solar Panels

Image Source: Solar Water Heating India, Climate Impact Partners

Focusing on urban areas, the project uses a range of channels to distribute solar water heaters that don’t rely on carbon-intensive grid electricity, providing a greener solution for all. 

As well as providing great environmental benefits, the project also offers fantastic opportunities for economic growth. Utilising local private entrepreneurs as well as larger entities to act as solar water heater dealers and franchise sub-dealers, local communities will see significant industry and financial benefits.

Approximately 160 employees are directly involved in the business, of which 110 work in production, with around 20 occupied by office administration and 30 field staff including marketing, sales and customer care. This, combined with 300 authorised dealers and their staff, has given a significant employment boost to the local area.

On top of this, progressive employment practices ensure gender equality and educational training programmes, with all of the heaters being responsible and locally produced in Bangalore.

Go Green with SG Fleet

If you’re looking to lower your fleet’s emissions in time for the 2025 or 2030 EU fleet emissions deadlines, our expert team can help. Find out more about our innovative Zero Emission Vehicle Transition Plan eStart is an end-to-end solution that supports fleet businesses to shift to zero-emission vehicles with ease.

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